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Adventure Newfoundland


Explore the land where the sun first rises. Here an empire was born. And great kingdoms crushed. The first land of the New World boasts a shore line and ocean filled with dreams and pirates and princes and has marched to the drumbeat of human history for 8000 years.

Adventure Newfoundland guests always get to explore the coast of Newfoundland and Labrador.

This is the first outpost of Europe's North American frontier and the first contact point with the aboriginals. The first and only New World home of the Vikings; settled at a King's command almost a century before Jamestown. The first landfall for the Mayflower and the first mountains of Appalachia. Here a thousand whalers fought bloody battles with ocean giants decades before the first buffalo was shot. This was the destination of the first transatlantic cruise ship and the final resting place of the Titanic. Here there are a thousand tales waiting for a willing ear .

Our first land is where great currents collide and where the world has fished for over 500 years. This is a land of springtime polar bears and icebergs. And autumn sea turtles and sunfish. Here there are more humpbacks, eagles, whales, and puffins than anywhere else. The world's largest animal swims the coastline. And in the offshore depths the world's largest sea monster lurks in the darkness. Today people still come to explore, exploit, and remember. These are the stories we share on our escorted adventures which are suitable for anybody with a curious mind and a sense of fun. Active 80 year olds are as welcome as the 30 year olds who select us to host their first escorted vacation.

Western Newfoundland is where the earth shows its bones. At Gros Morne you can view 200 million year old fossils and billion year old landscapes. We walk on the interior of the earth and learn about the birth of a continent and the death of an ancient ocean. Time travellers can venture north with us to explore the lOth century home of the Norse and on to southern Labrador to view the New World's oldest burial mound. And we don't forget the 1560 World Whaling Capital where thousands laboured to slaughter the great whales whose oil lit the lamps of the Renaissance.

When in Newfoundland and Labrador look out to sea to view members of the world's largest gathering of acrobatic humpback whales. And enjoy the company of the continent's largest gatherings of puffins and kittiwakes. There is also the world's largest gatherings of murres, razorbills and Leach's storm petrels. The land is home to the world's largest caribou herd, Earth's largest black bears, and some of the planet's densest gatherings of moose. We take the time to enjoy the plants and the songbirds. Our holiday leaders are experienced, knowledgeable hosts who will introduce you to the people, places, and natural wonders of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Learn more about this first land for exploration. See the wonders for yourself. Check out an escorted vacation in Newfoundland and Labrador -an ideal experience when you are looking for a wonderful wildlife-filled holiday. Join us as we celebrate a long and rich human history on the new world's eastern edge.

Visitors to this website are usually charmed by the thought of a Newfoundland and Labrador vacation but many have never taken an escorted trip before. The thought of joining a group of 40 strangers in a large, slow bus may also not be appealing. This is why Adventure Newfoundland and Wildland Tours promote small-group escorted vacations. As our guest, you will receive the benefits of escorted travel with many of the advantages of traveling on your own.

The absolute best way to see Newfoundland and Labrador (in this writer's opinion) is to take a month or two and explore the coast, the interior, and the communities with a small group of knowledgeable local hosts and a helicopter. The next best option is often an escorted, small group tour. One of the biggest benefits of escorted travel is the ability to experience a destination without worrying about the details such as airport transfers, the best hotels, the most impressive or significant attractions, and travel safety. In Newfoundland and Labrador and as a guest of Adventure Newfoundland, you receive all these advantages plus you can find plenty of free time to explore on your own. And you will especially benefit from the expert knowledge of our local tour directors. Musical festivals, theatre, walking trails, early morning birding routes, and great restaurant recommendations are all part of the local advantage you enjoy with us. Plus you receive individual attention and service that the large tour companies simply can't provide as their CFA (local slang for "come from away") tour directors find themselves trying to entertain a much larger group.

In eastern Newfoundland, Adventure Newfoundland guests have the additional comfort of the Wildland Tours office located 600 yards down the main street from their St. John's hotel. Special requests and planning can be provided on site with a level of knowledge and service that none of the non-Newfoundland tour companies can match. And after planning your vacation with us it is always nice to drop by and say "hello", even if you have no special requirements.

There is also value you receive with an escorted vacation that is difficult or nearly impossible to get with your own planning. Because of our Adventure Newfoundland buying power and thanks to nearly 25 years of experience working in Newfoundland and Labrador, you will get unmatched values when it comes to your hotels, excursions, and even your independent plans. You will often also have the option of adding even more activities to your trip or even adding days to your vacation. The only way to really be sure that one of our escorted programs are right for you is to join us and to come prepared for a wonderful experience full of new tastes and photographic opportunities.

If you still want to travel on your own, use our links (Information and Vacation Planning section) to check out the best local hotels, attractions, shops, and boat tour operators. You will find our fellow Newfoundlanders and Labradorians to be a welcoming and friendly people. But if you only have a week and you want to experience the best of Newfoundland and Labrador then we invite you to check out our Viking Trail Experience and Newfoundland Adventure itineraries for small groups of travelers.

Finally, for those people who have dreamt about whales, you should look at our Southern Labrador Adventure and Whale Study Week itineraries. These excursions focus on simple research and are lots of fun. Whales are always sighted on our study tours and on almost 100% of our various departures. In order to really get to know these majestic and intelligent animals, you need to take a four year university degree in marine biology/whale science and do all the extra reading and field trips or you can travel on one of our whale study vacations. Our leader has done all the coursework and reading for you, so you can soak in the information while enjoying the company of whales.