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Adventure Newfoundland


Newfoundland and Labrador is a remote, accessible, delicious, safe, exhilarating, musical, cultured, adventurous, tranquil, dynamic and fun travel adventure.

Boasting remote coastlines, dramatic mountains, wild rivers, sophisticated urban setting, huge wildlife gatherings, and dizzying displays of primordial chaos; the destination of Newfoundland and Labrador is starting to be recognized as one of the world's most impressive travel destinations.

Adventure Newfoundland is your connection to all things Newfoundland and Labrador. From travel adventures to the innovative music scene, to genealogy, to the stories of the first peoples, we are your landing pad as you take off and explore one of Earth's great travel adventures.

We invite you to check out these wonderful vacation options.

Newfoundland Adventure
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Wildland Tours' Newfoundland Adventure guests get time to explore the remote and beautiful coastline. This area boasts whales, puffins and caribou.

Newfoundland Adventure Photos

Experience the world's largest gathering of humpback whales and a fabulous diversity of marine wildlife. Small groups and giant landscapes are featured. These departures are all guaranteed to go. While we can never promise whales, these dates include the prime whale watching season (100 per cent viewing success 1994-2008). Most years we see the largest numbers and varieties of whales between late June and early August. The seabirds are thinning out by late July but everybody should see murres, puffins, razorbilled auks, gannets, eagles, moose, caribou, and many other species of wildlife. Since 1993 (except 1999, 2005 and 2006) everybody saw icebergs on our June and July trips. Guests also get to enjoy eastern Newfoundland's museums, lighthouses, trails, wildflowers, songbirds, flavours, and local folks. The genuine Newfoundlanders and Labradorians we introduce to you are an especially memorable vacation highlight.

Whale Study Week
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Two curious humpback whales spy hop for a better look at our Wildland Tour holiday leader. Guest photo by Margaret Elliott.

Whale Study Week Photos

Our Whale Study Week is a great opportunity to participate in actual whale research. Or whale lovers can simply enjoy being in the company of these majestic animals as they travel and sometimes play in their northern feeding grounds.

For groups with a special interest in marine mammal biology, we provide special evening presentations on marine mammal entrapment research, whale biology, dolphin intelligence, whale distribution, and general marine ecology. Wildland Tours president Dave Snow has taught marine mammal biology in Canada and the United States and has been involved with field studies with some of the world's best known whale researchers. You do not need to be an expert to enjoy this holiday; the program is suitable for any nature enthusiast who wants to enjoy the company of whales. And although we do try to collect useful scientific information, the holiday is simply a wonderful experience for anybody interested in fun, photography, or a unique adventure.

Viking Trail Experience
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Atlantic Canada’s tallest lighthouse on the Labrador coastal drive is one highlight on the Wildland Tours Viking Trail Experience.

Viking Trail Experience Photos

Journey through time with us to learn about the birth of a continent and the death of an ocean. Walk in the footsteps of the New World's first peoples and explore the home of the first Viking explorers. This exciting holiday starts and ends in Deer Lake, Newfoundland and explores the nature and geology of Gros Morne National Park -- a United Nations World Heritage Site. L'Anse aux Meadows, North America's only known Viking settlement and Red Bay, the Labrador home of over 1,000 Basque whalers during the 1540s, are also highlights of this unique vacation. The holiday also features the northern terminus of the Appalachian Mountains, a visit to the Grenfell Interpretation Centre, lots of birds and wildlife, plus a short journey to the "centre of the earth." Enjoy Newfoundlanders, our culture, and our landscape on this unforgettable holiday. And help us celebrate the 1008th anniversary of the Vikings walking our shores.

May Magic
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May Magic Photos

A holiday where you choose the dates and leave the rest to us. Begin with a boat tour featuring North America's largest puffin colony, and thousands of other seabirds. Often we find dolphins, humpbacks, and the year's first fin whales. Travel to North America's most easterly point and briefly explore the oldest City before traveling to the first outpost of New France. Visit the Continent's third largest gannet colony. This site is also a breeding ground for thousands of other seabirds and they will all be waiting for your camera.


May Magic on the Great Northern Peninsula
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Harlequin ducks are an amazingly colourful bird that we constantly look out for. This photo by Mark Tsang has been called the "Best Harlequin Duck photo, ever!".

May Magic on the Great Northern Peninsula Photos

For 2011 we are offering the excursion photographer Mark Tsang has been asking to lead for years. This is Mark's favorite time of the year. To the north there are icebergs drifting by. Birds of prey are establishing new territories and reclaiming old ones. There is usually snow in the mountains and ptarmigan in breeding colours. Moose and caribou are walking the lowlands in great numbers. Their calves are harder to find as the mother's are mindful of hunting bears, lynx, eagles, and coyotes. The first wildflowers and songbirds are in full colour in anticipation of a busy subarctic summer. The mountains of Gros Morne provide spectacular photographic opportunities during this season of magic, reawakening, and rejuvenation in late May on the Great Northern Peninsula of Newfoundland.

Southern Labrador Adventure
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The dramatic giant dorsal fin of the "B" pod male orca off the Labrador coast was photographed during the Wildland Tours' Southern Labrador Adventure expedition in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Southern Labrador Adventure Photos

Join a Wildland Tours naturalist on our quest to study and catalogue the humpbacks and orcas of northern Newfoundland and southern Labrador. The area is incredibly rich with wildlife but is one of North America's least studied marine areas. Enjoy comfortable nights, wild days, and some of our planet's most dramatic landscapes as we count humpbacks and pioneer the study of eastern North America's orcas.


Northern Labrador Polar Bear Cruise
Tour not offered in 2010 or 2011.

Northern Labrador Polar Bear Cruise Photos

This expedition by our sister company Wildland Tours lets us look for polar bears, and explores the coast of Canada's newest national park. Our successful 2008 Northern Labrador Polar Bear Expeditions travelled one of Canada's least explored and most beautiful coastlines. The north coast of Labrador is home to some of the planet's most stirring Arctic tales. Traders, explorers, distinctive cultures, and delicious traditions going back to the earliest peoples in North America combine to make this one of our planet's most exciting coastal adventures.

Local elders and Parks Canada staff will tell you that the mountainous coastline of the park is home to a wonderful abundance of polar bears. In the summer of 2006, a crew of five biologists managed to tag 123 polar bears over a five-day program which may be a world record for bear tagging. The crew saw other animals they were unable to tag indicating an amazing abundance of polar bears. The area is clearly the province's polar bear capital, and coastal people always see them as they travel the region in summer. Wolf dens, ancient quarries, coastal whales and seals, stunning northern architecture, tales from other ages, and a coastline unchanged since the days of Cain add to the cruise highlights.

Early explorers said that God took six days to make the earth, and on the seventh, perhaps while resting, he threw rocks at the earth and created Labrador. The jagged and forbidding coastline earned the nickname “the land God gave to Cain”.

This is a big land with long distances and a mammoth landscape. Great mountains rise up from the sea rivaling the Rockies in size and majesty. Caribou, black bears, and polar bears wander the Pleistocene landscape as seals keep a wary eye on the shore. Arctic char, salmon, and sea trout swim among the seals in search or capelin and other prey. The evenings sometime feature the colourful dances of the northern lights. Ancient communities, some the planet's oldest rocks, and some of the oldest stories on the Earth are also featured as we explore this little known landscape.

Our northern Labrador crew features carver, elder, and cultural ambassador (John Terriak) who makes sure we understand the stories and special spirituality of the north. John is also our polar bear monitor and will help to ensure our safety as we explore the summer home of the largest land predator on earth. 

Newfoundland Family Wildlife Adventure
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We explore small communities and enjoy Newfoundland's culture on our Newfoundland Family Wildlife Adventure.

Newfoundland Family Wildlife Adventure

Welcome to our Newfoundland Family Wildlife Adventure. Join Angela and Jennifer plus their dad for a week of family fun and adventure on the eastern edge of North America. Our new family vacation program is designed to engage, enrich, and entertain all generations.